About the Restaurant

Sushi Murasaki opened in Santa Ana, CA in 2007 with the aim of serving the freshest fish sourced from around the world. With a combined 40 years of experience, Dai and Tomu have created an authentic sushi eating experience right here in Orange County. From the omakase-only sushi bar, where the chefs carefully select the best catch of the day to serve piece by piece, to the tables where you can experience the best in traditional Japanese cuisine, Murasaki offers only the finest in Japanese fine dining.

About the Chefs

Dai and Tomu began their sushi training in Japan where they mastered their crafts in minute detail. The two met at Newport Beach sushi haven, Kitayama, where they honed their skills extensively before starting Sushi Murasaki in Santa Ana, California. Every morning they hand select the freshest shipment of fish for that day and pair it with the perfect blend of seasonings to create a unique course each and everyday. You can find Chef Dai and Chef Tomu manning our omakase sushi bar with a beer and a smile!